Swap pics in chat room

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Swap pics in chat room

But I want to clean it all up first, then get into the little details. How to bleed/prime your fuel system by whitedog BEW coolant temperature sensor replacement: by Ksf 2004 PD in-tank fuel pump replacement procedure (PDF) by Gretta_the_Jetta How To: Manually activate coolant glowplugs on ALH engines by robnitro How To: Heater core replacement on 2012 NMS Passat by 767wrench Penclnck's 4130 Products 'Step By Step' Many great tips! How to replace Ad Blue module (heater, temp sensors, etc.) by docmanny Electrical Related things: Turn off your airbags selectively with VAG-COM Benlty's List of DTC Fault codes Can't get your automatic out of park? How to bleed the ABS pump after the brake fluid runs dry. by MOGolf Modification related things: Connecting the rear fog and 5 light mod (on the A4 Jetta Sedan) Just the 5 brake light mod PDF Version 5 Light mod on the Jetta Waggon (By EECSentric) 5 light mod w/ the turn signals. Maintenance Related things: Old Poopie's Timing Belt Checklist Car suddenly won't start? Replaceing the headlight bulbs on a Jetta (bt EECSentric) (Link is now dead anyone have a better one? By Birdman List of fuses in the A4 Includes a list of what fuses are hot when. by Left Coast Resident David_594's List of OEM mods. Its also easy to meet other people right from the p Chat free chat rooms.Find someone you want to talk with one on one through the chat rooms or our search feature? 1988 Audi 5000S Quattro, 1992 Jetta ECOdiesel, 1991 Jetta ECOdiesel. Here's a link for part numbers to change the connectors to the later style to be able to buy the less expensive units. p=537447 How to replace your leaky A3/B4 Bosch VE Injector pump seals with pictures. t=75740&page=2 You should also include learning the Hammer mod for adjusting your Quantity Adjuster on the injector pump. Kudos to Rich C for the excellent video work and editing.

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