Start your own dating website

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Start your own dating website

Very few dating scripts come with a database; the ones that do are fairly unique and include members that are taken from other sites (that have often been used and over used before).

If there is no database then you will have to run the site for free until you reach a critical mass. You usually find that dating sites that have been established using ‘scripts’ have a very low conversion rate due to a small database and limited site functionality.

Everything depends on going about it the right way.

And as we explain below there are a number of options available to you from starting from scratch and building up our own site all by yourself, or by adopting one of the various types of support/partnership mechanisms available.

One of the primary requirements for this kind of dating system is that you must have a good solid programming background in order to set up and maintain the software.

The alternative is to pay the script supplier to do this, but this is usually at fairly high ‘consulting’ rates.

The guys at Dating Factory have summarized the positives and negatives of each approach – then after that it's up to you!

First of all we’ve made a quick check list on what you need to do if you want to develop an online dating site by yourself.

The second option available for the creation of a dating site with outside support uses the concept of Template Systems.

As an example of these companies that offers the most functionality with the best financial rewards is Its unprecedented speed of set-up, a shared database of over 3.5 million members, a full range of merchant accounts, the best anti-scam practices, and the widest range of functionalities on offer.

Dating Factory is recognised as a world leader with unique filtering systems that support creative niche markets, offers outstanding retention and conversion rates, and some of the best revenue sharing models.

It is also unlikely that the owner of one of these new scripts will be able to get their own merchant account and would have to rely heavily on third party payment system, or independent systems like Pay Pal, which are often very expensive.

Most dating scripts do not support recurring payments, therefore revenue earned is normally on a once-only payment, per profile, per signup or per email basis.

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If you do become successful and create a large database of members, the financial rewards from creating your own site can be great, but the risks are high, with a level of initial cash outlay on hardware, software, and staffing that is unacceptable for many people.

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