Spinchat nude

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Spinchat nude

I look through the door and see this scrawny little teenager sneaking in, probably trying to find something to sell for video games or drugs. Naked and drunk me decided the best course of action would be to burst into the dining room, completely naked and brandishing a machete.

I did so, Bellowed a war face roar, shook the machete over my head and flopped my junk back and forth like Hard Gay, only without the leather jockstrap.

Okay, here's the least embarrassing nudity story ever. I'd just gotten out of the shower and was adjusting my towel.

I used to know an awesome guy, we'll call him Al. I'd taken the towel off, and right then Al walks in, saying something. "Five, four..." I quickly wrap the towel around me before he gets to "one".

TL; DR: Tried to be nice to the camp bully and ended up being naked in front of my entire camp for you for reaching out to someone who was hurting.

She probably looks back on it with a great deal of regret. Ahh, childhood, how filled with crapulence you can sometimes be...

He didn't bother putting his pants back on and he came out into the main area naked from the waist down.

This girl had been mean to me in the past but I genuinely felt bad for her when she told me somebody had stolen her towel and clothes.A good while passed and neither of us found anything, so I finally looked around to see if we were in the right spot yet.I noticed two things: 1- we were in the right spot, and 2- we were surrounded by naked people.There was a boys soccer game in front of the bath house and I was extremely flustered and nervous. People started yelling and pointing and I quickly got up and started to wrap the towel around her.At about the half way point and in direct view of a majority of the male camp population I got distracted and tripped over my feet taking the towel with me. I had no idea what hit me when she ripped the towel from my scrawny body, wrapped it around her self and ran away.

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I decided to take the high road and told her we could share my towel and make the trek back to our cabin (probably 100 feet or so away).

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