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Russell Ballard “We don’t go to Sabbath meetings to be entertained or even solely to be instructed. It is an individual responsibility, and regardless of what is said from the pulpit, if one wishes to worship the Lord in spirit and truth, he may do so by attending his meetings, partaking of the sacrament, and contemplating the beauties of the gospel If the service is a failure to you, you have failed. You must do your own waiting upon the Lord.” President Spencer W. Because angels do not come on trivial errands.” Hugh Nibley “The Book of Mormon was written for us today. It is a record of a fallen people, compiled by inspired men for our blessing today. It was meant for us.” President Ezra Taft Benson “All progression in spiritual things is dependent upon the attainment of humility.” Bruce R.

Mc Conkie “Meekness is knowing who you are and not having to prove it.” Anonymous “Impossible mountains are climbed by those who have the self confidence that comes from truly being loved.” H.

Eyring “I’m not ashamed to say that I want to be good. Maxwell “All crosses are easier to carry when we keep moving.” Elder Neal A. Hinckley “A man must rise by his own efforts and walk by faith.” Elder Marvin J.

And I’ve found in my life that it has been critically important to establish this intention between me and the Lord so that I knew that HE knew which way I committed my agency. Maxwell “God is weaving His tapestry according to his own grand design. Ashton “It was meant to be that life would be a challenge.

If you have a good, miserable day once in a while—or several in a row—stand steady and face them. There is great purpose in our struggle in life.” Elder Boyd K. If I immerse myself in the scriptures, the distance narrows and the spirituality returns. Maxwell “Reverence invites revelation.” Elder Boyd K.

Packer “The good works that really matter require the help of heaven. I find myself loving more intimately those I should love with all my heart, mind, and strength.” President Spencer W. Packer The words of a sister missionary: “When I left on my mission, faith was just the first principle of the gospel. One thing that has resulted from my mission is that I am so anxious to go home and get married so I can raise a righteous family. I know that I am a warrior because my spirit loves peace.

Ashton “Perseverance is a positive, active characteristic. Joy comes through creation—sorrow through destruction. Every living thing can grow; use the world wisely to realize soul growth. Maxwell “Let us remember: trials are an evidence of a Father’s love.” H.

The Lord doesn’t put us through this test just to give us a grade; he does it because the process will change us.” Elder Henry B.

They prepare, they purge, they purify, and thus they bless.” Elder James E. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle---you shall be the miracle.” Phillips Brooks “We have got to be watchful, for I tell you God has sent us here to test us and to prove us. The people that are here today stood loyally by God and by Jesus and they did not flinch.

Faust “It is difficult to press forward if we do not know how to obey.” President Gordon B. If you had flinched, then you would not be here with the Priesthood upon you.

” Elder Jay Jensen “Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles---it empties today of its strength.” Anonymous “The greater part of happiness depends on our disposition and not on our circumstances.” Martha Washington "Some missionaries may wonder whether they are in the right place, in the right mission. He calls missionaries to the places they are assigned.

It is no accident for them to be where they are assigned. So, even when it's difficult, you can have confidence that the Lord knew the difficulty in advance, and just as He assured Nephi that He wouldn't give a commandment save He prepared a way for it to be accomplished, missionaries can have that same assurance, tough as it may be, whatever the situation, that the Lord knew the difficulties would be there.

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I went before Him and said, ‘I’m not neutral, and you can do with me what you want. I don’t care what you do with me and you don’t have to take anything from me because I give it to you—everything. All I am.’ And THAT has made all the difference.” Elder Boyd K. To suffer some anxiety, some depression, some disappointment, even some failure is normal.

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