Speed dating procedure what does the bible have to say about dating

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Speed dating procedure

As researchers of romantic attraction, we think about all the single people meeting each other for the first time – chatting for a few moments, deciding whether or not they’d like to get to know each other better – and we are heartbroken not to be observing unobtrusively. Every night, researchers who investigate relationships and person perception miss out on great opportunities. Interpersonal perception: A social relations analysis. In some cases, researchers will be content to assess who has said yes to whom and which matches have subsequently contacted one another. However, very little research has explored the span of time between an initial encounter and the formation of a romantic relationship. This discussion is intended to provide a general overview of speed-dating procedures.

For example, we have used speed-dating to explore men’s and women’s preferences for a romantic partner’s physical attractiveness and earning prospects (Eastwick & Finkel, 2008). Perhaps unknowingly, the rabbi invented speed-dating by applying this social psychological gem to a romantic context. If participants are able to accurately judge teaching effectiveness (Ambady & Rosenthal, 1993) or personality (Kenny, 1994) within minutes, they might just as quickly glean accurate information regarding romantic compatibility. How terrific would it be if there existed a type of social gathering with just a bit more structure; something that romantically eligible individuals would want to attend, but that would also permit data collection and experimental control? About a decade ago, a rabbi in Los Angeles named Yaacov Deyo provided the answer: speed-dating.

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We find some solace by reminding ourselves that parties and bars are not exactly perfect research environments.