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(A prepago is a puta in disguise) This type of girl is common all over Latin America.

In Peru it’s a ‘Brichera’ in Brazil the ‘Popozuda’ The Colombian version is known as the Interesada and she epitomizes the lying, cheating stereotype.

They listen to Ranchera, wear sombreros and grow thick moustaches. They speak perfect English and go on skiing holidays. I told him of my affection for the Colombian people and how they have taught me so much about humility and love for family.

The following are some of my observations on how the subject is treated in Colombia. I discovered this the first time I visited a school in poor a neighbourhood.

I took enough pens and toys for all the children but the smart ones grabbed theirs and hid them so they could come back for more. I know a girl whose pet name for her husband is ‘mentiroso’ (liar).

When I found out they weren’t being truthful they shamelessly declare ‘oh yeah I was lying’ The same casual approach is taken towards cheating.

Check out the Expat Chronicles article All Colombian women cheat Colin Post references an article from El Tiempo on how Colombia leads the way in Latin America.

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Colombia is famously blessed with a wide variety of beautiful women.

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