Spatial updating and the maintenance of visual constancy Adult free mature women sex chart

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Neural signatures of this persisting retinotopic trace have been studied with EEG and f MRI for several different areas in human visual cortex (Golomb, Nguyen-Phuc, Mazer, Mc Carthy, & Chun, ); conversely, attention lingers at the retinotopic location and is found only later at the spatiotopic location (Golomb and colleagues).Nevertheless, one factor may explain the conflict in these results.We find an attentional benefit at the spatiotopic location of the cue only when the object (the placeholder) has been continuously present at that location.We conclude that the presence of an object at the attended location is a critical factor for the maintenance of spatial constancy of attention across eye movements, a finding that helps to reconcile previous conflicting results.

In the present study, we investigated the role of a spatially constrained object at the attended location.

These results are intriguing, because the retinotopic location becomes behaviorally irrelevant once the eyes have moved.

Critically, in these studies participants were asked to maintain attention on a blank location of the screen.

We make about three eye movements each second, and each one shifts the retinal input and the retinotopic (eye-centered) coordinates of our targets of interest.

Clearly, if we had to rediscover each target following every eye movement, sports like soccer or basketball would be much slower paced and activities like driving much more dangerous.

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In our research () we systematically compared scene recognition response time (RT) and accuracy patterns following observer versus scene movement across view changes ranging from 0 to 360 degrees.

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