Soo ae dating

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Without the love to ground this story, Ji Hyung having to marry another woman and the subsequent memory loss for Seo Yeon, which we already see the warning signs off, doesn’t make me sad for the couple.In some ways, this drama feels a lot like , which was one of the few makjang trendy dramas in recent years, and the only one I actually sat through the entire thing.

For episode 1, they are already in bed on multiple occasions, in between having fights with each other and giving each other sexy, loving, and woeful looks.The man is Park Ji Hyung (Kim Rae Won) and the woman is Lee Seo Yeon (Su Ae).They appear to be mature and adult couple who are involved with each other, but their relationship feels very volatile and intense.That’s actually what I did with , which had a very bipolar first episode but has since settled right in very nicely.But even as I found episode 1 of Tw DR somewhat all over the place, I still enjoyed watching it.

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