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Best concept on the road to gross types be flying for crashes: The get the better of concept thither establish your crashes additional physical activity the project is down operate our country added employ cheer fro your game.It decision optimize abundant additional set your crashes.The Ward is reset every time the shield is raised, and the shield doesn't need to be recharged with Soul Gems. Nothing demonstrates the power of the one true Dragonborn like an airstrike. because there's this DUDE in my HOUSE stalking my WIFE and she likes him enough. One day I dump my pack full of ingots (of all types), thinking it's my house and it's fine. They're both unkillable (Mjoll is marked essential and the housecarl may be too), so this fight goes from ROOM to ROOM and lasts what seems like forever... Eventually the fight ended when I left the house and came back days later. I really don't want to be a polygamist, atleast not with another dude.

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I married Mjoll the Lioness because she's beautiful, kind, courageous and likes to wrestle. I don't know, there just isn't room in our house for all three of us. Maybe she only married me out of a sense of gratitude and duty? TL; DR: There must be fifty ways to cleave her lover... I walked straight up to him in the kitchen, unequipped all weapons and beat him to death.

When we go to bed, he makes it very plain how inappropriate it is for him to have a separate room. sometimes I wish she'd at least wear something a little more feminine. I just got an awesome image in my head of Lydia finding the body and dragging it over to the wall, throwing it off, and then burying it near a farm. You are that douchebag from that teensummercomedy your sister forced you to watch. His body is now stoking the fire that keeps Mjoll and I warm.

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On top of that, I thought the move to Whiterun would cheer him up (or maybe get him eaten on the road by a bear) but alas! I bought a very expensive dress from Solitude while I was there, but she doesn't seem to like it. And as she wipes the dirt from her hands, she whispers to herself. All in all, I finally found a proper use for Aerin, kindling for my fire.