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If that is the case in your relationship, our best advice is to seek out counseling.This issue, if not resolved with professional help, will most likely continue to occur and you will probably feel even more miserable the next time around.10 days ago, I found out that my husband is heavily involved in Cyber Sex and online affairs with women via Skype, email and Facebook.On confronting him, he was caught off guard, as he was not expecting any such thing.

Rather than giving an apology or coming up with excuses (explanations), you and your husband should be talking about your sex life.

If possible, keep an eye on your child's video chats.

Notice that I didn't say eavesdrop – stay far away enough to give your child some privacy, but pass through the room every once in a while just to let them know you're there.

She kept saying things like ‘take your glasses off’ and ‘let me see your [privates] and face at the same time’ type stuff…

All of the sudden, the screen changed to a replay of my image/video being played back to me.

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Our sex life is not great so I always thought that he had a low sex drive.

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