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It has become famous in the archaeological world due to the preservation of artefacts found buried deep in the peat.These incredibly rare finds include headdresses made from red deer skulls, thought to be used by shamans in ritual practices, barbed points (harpoons) used in hunting and fishing, the oldest house in Britain, the earliest evidence of carpentry that we have in Europe and the oldest Mesolithic art we have in Britain.Holding a large antler perfectly still at a certain angle (like 115876) whilst drawing can get pretty awkward! Apply traditional hand illustration techniques to draw onto drafting film from life.Accurate measurements are made to scale with callipers, set squares and by eye. Where applicable use traditional inking techniques (stipple, hatching etc) to produce a final ink copy. Scan, edit, label and save as a digital file (see Format).! Some of the other illustrations in the Postglacial project (not entered here) are ink on drafting film.

I have to then draw out the information from the artefact and communicate it in a visually accessible way.

The ‘Mesolithic bone scraping tool’ is one of a group of Star Carr tools that I drew including an elk antler mattock and a red deer antler bodkin.

The main objective is to record the working on the bone and a range of anatomical features to illustrate the specialists’ analysis of these headdresses.

Key Brief Ideas: While producing an illustration to the client’s specification it is important to me that the drawings also give credit to the incredible Mesolithic craftsmanship inherent in the manufacture of these artefacts.

The drawings ultimately are a personal interpretation within the context of a technical drawing.

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As part of the project I was commissioned to draw a large collection of headdresses.

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