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Sext chat rooms

Our dad tells all of us that we're not allowed to wash our penises and balls.So when my brothers and I go to the gym and get all sweaty, we don't shower afterward.

My dad asked her if she wanted another guy to join them, and he pointed at me. The three of us ended in the bedroom with the girl and me stripping our clothes first.

The smegma was from all the sweat, semen and precum that he wasn't allowed to wash during the entire week.

Our dad puts my brother's penis in his mouth, and sucks and swallows all the smega.

WHen our dad pulled my 15 year old brother's foreskin down, he had the most smegma and dried up semen all over the head of his penis.

Our dad dove in right away and started sucking my little brother's d*ck like crazy.

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Question: I was wondering if any other guys out there let your dad see you masturbate.