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She was unashamed of her body and didn't have a problem showing it off, but pictures could travel so far in cyberspace. Then she pulled her top over her head and looked in the mirror at her breasts, swelling beneath her pretty violet bra. Bad Neighbor#16: mmmmmmmmm Pheromonal: Can I cum over them? She unclipped the bra so her breasts bounced free, then discarded her wedding ring. Dressing hastily, she clattered downstairs to make a sandwich. Numerous new posters congratulated her on the beauty of her naked breasts, and she had 24 new friend requests. Irritably, she yanked the curtains across the window before pulling her clothes back on. She knew she would cum quicker this time and propped his photo, displayed on her i Pad, within view before starting to film. Could she really post photographs of herself on this site? Her pussy was moistening at the thought of a picture of her tits circulating on the 'net, of unknown men looking at her, lusting after her, perhaps wanking over her. She thought carefully about framing and what might identify her, and removed the necklace she wore every day, replacing it with a pendant that dangled temptingly in her cleavage. She decided perhaps they were an essential investment. Her eyes widened when she saw how many views her thread had attracted. She glanced out of the window and again the bloody neighbour was looking up at her window from his front garden. When she logged in again, she had ten new private messages. She wanted to scrape her teeth over his jutting collarbone and lick him all over, from his biceps to his sculpted chest to the erect cock he held in his palm, strands of pre-cum connecting the head to his fingers. Chocolatey Goodness: That's what happened when I watched your video. This time she selected the magic wand again from her toybox, stripping off her clothes. She uploaded it and before any responses could appear quickly logged out and grabbed the magic wand again. Pheremonal had posted a photo of his own: in the foreground, an erect cock; in the background a laptop displaying the photograph of her naked breasts. " She lay, panting and drained, for several seconds before she realised she was still filming and reached for the phone. "Send me a photo and I might not be able to resist ;)" The photo when it arrived was definitely not a disappointment. Once again she returned to the bathroom, stood up straight, her elbows bent and fingers laced behind her head so her breasts jutted out from her chest, and took another photo. And then she climaxed, gasping, "Oh God, oh God, I'm cumming! We can masturbate for each other live on cam." "I don't know about that," Anna typed, hesitantly. She was also a regular visitor to the salon she'd worked at and her long, blonde hair was always beautifully styled and coloured; her green eyes framed with thick, enhanced lashes; her entire body waxed hairless; and her skin glowing with a natural-looking all-over tan.

She spent hours at the gym and pool so her naturally curvy five foot eight body was taut and toned.

She hadn't had sex, she calculated, for thirteen days! She honestly felt that if she didn't get some cock soon she'd be reduced to seducing strangers in the supermarket. With trembling fingers she logged into a sex chat forum she'd been browsing for the last few weeks and began a new thread.

She rummaged in an under-bed storage box for her mains-powered magic wand and lay back on her under-used mattress, her long legs spread. New topic - Ask Anna Anything Bored&Horny: Hi, guys.

She was thirty-four, voluntarily childless and had been married for five years. Since her income was negligible by comparison to his, he had pestered her to give up her own job as a senior stylist in a hair and beauty salon - which was all well and good, but as he worked away a lot and most of her friends either worked or were tied up tending to small children she found herself often alone. Taking a deep breath, she stood in front of a plain, white-painted door and snapped a picture of herself from the hollow of her throat to her waist. Her pussy was very wet now and her fingers crept between her slippery labia. The camera flashed and before she could change her mind she uploaded the second picture. She opened the front door a little nervously, wondering whether her neighbour would say anything, but he had gone inside. "I want to scoop up all that precum with my tongue before you fuck me." The tingle deep in her core began to radiate outwards until she was bucking and convulsing in orgasm and crying, "Oh God, I'm cumming!

Worse, his regular absences meant she was seriously sex-starved. Before she could change her mind, she uploaded the photo. Several more posts said, simply, "Nice tits." Anna laughed. She had slipped her middle finger into her sopping tunnel by the time Chocolatey Goodness responded.

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The more she thought about what she was doing, what she was showing to this group of strangers, the closer she got to orgasm.