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The browser’s main functionality is to fetch the files from the server and to display them on the screen.It basically displays html files containing images, PDF, videos, flashes, etc in an ordered layout.A browser is a group of structured codes that performs plenty of tasks to display a webpage on the screen.These codes are separated in to different components according to their tasks performed.Berners-Lee and one of his student at CERN named Jean-Francois Groff ported the ‘worldwideweb’ from Next computer to the more common C language during 1991 - 1992. At the same time Nicola Pellow a math student interning at CERN with his team wrote another browser named ‘Line-mode’ which worked on a range of different computers from Unix to Microsoft DOS.During the 1992, there were four different browsers launched with some advanced features named Erwise, Viola WWW, Midas & Samba in chronological order.

Mobile browsers are able to displays the web pages written in HTML, XHTML.The latest mobile browsers also support technologies like CSS, Java script & AJAX.A lot of browsers are available for mobile phones, among them Google .By the time you are reading this article, certainly you are already using a web browser which is presenting this article content in a rich text/graphical format on your computer screen.A web browser or frequently called as browser is an application software that is installed on a computer to provide access to the World Wide Web.

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The DNS server takes the domain name from the browser and returns the corresponding IP address to the browser. First one is HTTP – it is a protocol named Hyper Text Transfer Protocol which defines the way browser communicates with the server.