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If, after a few days, there is no squeaking or boxing, it should be safe to start adding toys and wheels to the cage.

You then need to put in two water bottles or bowls – if you use bowls they must be removed and replaced with bottles before any babies start to wander around the cage – I have had babies drown in water bowls before – it definitely does happen!!As I have already mentioned, my hamsters are kept in a shed, so I can only write about my own methods and findings.My Roborovskis do not usually breed between December and March – I find that the breeding season is usually between April and November, so once the temperature drops and there are less hours of daylight, they usually stop breeding – this could be due to the males becoming temporarily sterile in the cold temperatures, or it could be that the females do not come into season when the temperatures are low.Continue feeding these foods, in small amounts, once you have paired up the male and the female, and also during the pregnancy, birth and rearing of the litter – the mother will benefit greatly from them as they will help her cope with the added stress on her body whilst rearing a litter.It is always best to wait until the female Roborovski is over the age of four months, as it would not do her any good to get pregnant at a very early age.

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A lot of thought needs to go into who to mate with whom – potential mates need to compliment each other to be able to produce the best possible babies.