Sex chat line operator

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Sex chat line operator

She said it did take her a while to get into it but now has no problems.She says she talks about what she is wearing, soemthing sexy when she is actually sat in her jim jams. I'm not sure what to expect but I'm sure i will find out as I start at the end of the week and I have my induction over the phone tomorrow! Unless your actually involved in physical activities which could leave you open to harm, I don't see a problem with it. I need the money atm and It is about the only job from home that dosn't cost me money in huge outlays like most at home jobs.I am asked many times a day, if Chatline operators can actually earn money from home and be successful?

(sorry, valued, paying customer) I don't think its degrading at all. Is it to be frowned upon or ashamed of or just like any job? I have applied to be a sex line operator working from home.L x As long as there are silly men who want to ring up these kind of numbers, I say go for it!!Hopefully you will enjoy it, and it won't be too much for you (I am quite sheltered IYKWIM!!!) and can imagine I would laugh at someones suggestions if it wasn't straight from Jilly Cooper LOL I was supposed to have an interview to do this when I was at Uni, but I chickened out.

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x LOL - Id probably laugh aswell and i havent got a very sexy phone voice.. She drove a really nice jaguar and was happy with the lifestye it provided her.