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Bear in mind, the number of deliveries needed to reach the Uber Eats goal varies across North America based on your location.

If you want independence but do not meet normal rideshare requirements, definitely check out Uber Eats.

When the promotional link is used to sign up, Uber records the information.

Once the new Uber Eats driver completes a varying number of deliveries both of you will earn a hefty cash bonus on top of your normal paycheck.

As for drivers already working in the rideshare business, this is a terrific way to add a to your weekly paycheck.

If these occupational perks are not enough to convince you, remember the referral code.

Which makes this a great opportunity for drivers to not only test Uber Eats out but get paid an extra cash bonus for doing so along the way.

Be sure to use your unique promotional link in target locations that other potential drivers can see.

These rare bonuses may come in different shapes and sizes, but one common trait remains the same.

Earning a reward for doing what you were going to do anyway is a pretty sweet deal. Matter of fact, the only way a reward for participation can get any better is if the cash bonus can be earned more than once. To qualify, drivers who are interested in making deliveries for Uber Eats just need to signup and receive their referral code. Uber Eats is issuing a driver referral code that is redeemable for a monetary reward.

Drivers can use this nifty change to their advantage and rake in some serious cash.

Drivers simply need to distribute their code to potential Uber Eats drivers.

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There are a plethora of deliveries each day and not enough drivers to complete them.