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"frame with finish kaput, no transfers, Agrati "AM" lugset, Campagnolo 1010 ends, semi-sloping crown w/horizontal groove in outer side and reinforcement tangs." ORIGINAL PARTS: "Use seat binder collar.

Ambrosio Champion steel stem and Ambrosio Champion alloy bar.

) REPAINTED DATING: Probably the Special model due to stamped dropouts.

DECALS: no decals; painted blue DATING: Owner: "Sport model, 1889 on the seat tube and 17 under the bottom bracket" Serial Number UT 6275 1945 Olmo city bike [Industria Argentina] German via coventryeagle48/Flickr: Swallow rondine lugs with no seat lug side slots; chrome head lugs, fork crown, fork ends, stay ends and dropouts DECALS: Olmo in script on downtube; "Industria Argentina" under Olympic rings at top of downtube; "Campionato Italiano Diletta Iti 1942/43" on seat tube; Olympic rings with Olmo star decal at top of fork legs, and also at transition between paint and chrome on fork legs; OLMO oval on seat tube Serial Number A327 Late 1950s?

Olmo Professional Deluxe pepperbelly/ Swallow rondine lugs with seat lug side slot; open C Campagnolo dropouts; chrome head and seat lugs; chrome stay ends; chrome fork ORIGINAL PARTS: Olmo headset REPAINTED DATING: Open C Campagnolo dropouts date to the 1950s. Olmo city bike cicli2d/e Bay: Swallow rondine lugs with no seat lug side slot; internal routing of top tube brake cable; Agrati dropouts; chrome head lugs, fork crown, stay ends and dropouts ORIGINAL PARTS: Olmo city handlebars; Olmo seat post collar; Olmo crankarms; Universal brakes Serial Number C505 1958?

Campagnolo crank arms have a date code starting in 1973, consisting of a diamond (1970's) or circle (1980's) with a number in the center denoting the last digit of the year of manufacture, and then in 1985-9 with square and number in the center: 11 = 1985, 21 = 1986, 31 = 1987, 41 = 1988, 51 = 1989 plus some other examples. Olmo Rondine Aldo Ross: Swallow rondine lugs with seat lug side slot; chrome head lugs and fork crown; chrome stay ends; Campagnolo Cambio Corsa dropouts and fork ends ORIGINAL PARTS: "Cinelli steel stem, Cinelli aluminum bars, Weinmann brake levers (later), "Balilla - Olmo" brake calipers, ...

Brooks Professional saddle, Magistroni cranks, two chainrings (probably changed when used as a commuter bike), Sheffield pedals...

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