Sean penn dating history

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Sean penn dating history

There are virtually zero references to, or copies of, the article on the public Internet.

But nothing within the text of ’s report suggests its author decided to invent the events described in the piece.

But if you consider ’s sourcing—an eyewitness, statements from both parties (neither of which disputed the report’s particulars), and confirmation of police involvement—neither the erroneous date or the natural limits of human knowledge is enough, in and of themselves, to discredit the allegation that Penn bound and beat up Madonna.’s report as her syndicated column’s first item.

No copies of this particular column are available on the Internet, but we were able to find one preserved on microfilm at the New York Public Library.

It leaves unclear how exactly the piece’s authors were able to confirm any of their article’s claims. It’s unlikely, after all, that its claims came out of nowhere. It’s unclear, for example, whether or not Penn was actually arrested. Making matters even murkier is how the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deals with older police records.

How did they know, for example, that Madonna went to the hospital for an X-ray after Penn struck her with a baseball bat? And did they speak directly with the law enforcement agent who describe Madonna’s bloodied lip? (In Gawker’s original post about his defamation lawsuit against Lee Daniels, we claimed he was in fact arrested, but as we noted in our correction, the available evidence isn’t at all definitive one way or the other.) And Madonna, for her part, has never publicly addressed why exactly she asked the L. When we asked the agency for the related incident report, a sheriff named Jim Mc Donnell told us that documents dated before 1992 explained that the agency does not even keep track of which records have been purged.

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Nor is it clear how effective Penn’s strategy will be in the long run.

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