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Sample dating site questionnaire

These employers must control site operations and have ultimate responsibility for assuring safe and healthful working conditions.

Site-based participation also is available to resident contractors at site-based VPP participants; and to resident contractors who are part of a larger organization approved under the corporate way to participate and who operate at a non-participating fixed worksite. A company having no more than 250 employees at any one facility, and no more than 500 employees nationwide. An employee volunteer from a VPP participant or corporation who is knowledgeable in safety and health management system assessment, formally trained by OSHA in the policies and procedures of the VPP, and determined by OSHA to be qualified to perform VPP onsite evaluations. A state-operated occupational safety and health program that has received approval and partial funding from Federal OSHA.

If a Demonstration Program is judged successful, its alternative ways to achieve safety and health excellence may lead to changes in VPP criteria. The official Federal government publication, issued by the Government Printing Office (GPO), in which OSHA announces the philosophy and criteria for VPP approval and participation in a public notice commonly referred to as the VPP Federal Register Notice or the Federal Register Notice. A construction site owner or site manager who controls construction operations and has contractual responsibility for assuring safe and healthful working conditions at a worksite. A Merit goal must be met in order for a participant to achieve Star status. The program within VPP designed for employers that have demonstrated the potential and commitment to achieve Star quality, but that need to further improve their safety and health management system and/or injury and illness performance. A category of participation available to employers whose work is characterized by short-term operations and employees who move physically from one work project to another; or resident contractor operations performed at two or more fixed worksites.

We encourage you to involve employees and managers in completing your application.

Most worksites have found that, in the process of applying, they gain a greater understanding of worker protection and discover ways to improve their safety and health management system.

VPP reviewers don't look for a single correct way to meet VPP requirements. Some successful safety and health management systems involve substantial written documentation, and others do not.

There is some paperwork required in the application process, but we encourage you to use as much existing material as possible.

Please provide a list/index of all materials you choose to attach to your application.

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Such deficiencies, which indicate that a site no longer fully meets Star requirements, must be corrected within 90 days, and the participant must then operate at the Star level for 1 year for the participant's conditional status to be lifted.

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