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" "You were supposed to bring a mix of women, not just the escapees from the fat club, you'll just have to model the clothes yourself!" There was a pause, I was feeling very guilty that I was listening in to their conversation but not enough to make me leave or enter the kitchen so they would know I was there. The one who was nearly late, she'll fit in most of the stuff I've brought with me, get her to model with you!Graham called a comfort break; Jayne announced where the bathroom was upstairs and pointed out the downstairs toilet too.Two of the women headed off to use Jayne's facilities and Graham pulled Jayne into the kitchen to open more wine.I collected up the empty nibble dishes to take them into the kitchen; I stopped short of the partly closed kitchen door.Graham was giving Jayne a hard time, "This is your party, you invited the women, I thought that you realised that nothing will sell unless we can get people involved in trying things on, they need to be shown on real people to excite the others!

" In our world, Jayne's, 'On the game' comment was about as harsh as it could get. It may contain themes involving Incest, under age sex, rape, bestiality, drugs or alcohol abuse, so please check the story code before reading.If these subjects make you uncomfortable please exit now.Each of us had been given an order form and a pen to mark down what we wanted to buy, not one single top had been removed from a pen, let alone anyone even putting their name on the top of a form.Graham was working his socks off, he was doing everything just right, by the book so to speak but no one in the room was 'Turned on' enough by the lifeless scraps of material to want to spend good money on them.

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I pointed out that I couldn't leave the girls at home alone while I popped over to her house just to make up the numbers, "That's OK, bring them over, Tom and Dan are going to watch the movies channel in my bedroom, they can all keep each other company while I earn the money to pay for our satellite TV multi-room package!

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  1. There is a special page for each chat room, so you don't have to worry about lagging from other chat rooms being in the same page. Well its also easy to disable the sounds coming from either the full chat room or a members mic.