Radiocarbon dating margin of error

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Radiocarbon dating margin of error

Samarium—neodymium dating method[ edit ] Main article: According to the Historia Regum Britanniae, a Roman legion which surrendered to Asclepiodotus was treacherously executed and the soldiers beheaded, with their heads thrown into the Walbrook.

But given the error margin a few hundred years may suffice to get a rough idea.

Clearly this wouldn't be of too much use in people trying to pass themselves off as teens.

Some studies of aspartic acid racemization report accuracies of age ±3 years.

So to sum up - practically this test, although it is objective and free of subjectivity and robust to false pretenses, makes no sense as (a) a human life is about the same a the error margin of the test and (b) the competitor cannot participate in the contest after his or her life has being taken.

I am not aware of any biologoical methods to objectively measure age.

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But only after (1) killing the person and (2) waiting a few hundred years.

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