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Radioactive dating game worksheet

Other studies seem to agree, usually a little to the lower end.

For example, Goldhaber, Brewer, and Anderson (1999) find teachers explain 9% of variance; Nye, Konstantopoulos, and Hedges (2004) find they explain 13% of variance for math and 7% for reading.

Teacher certification, years of experience, certification, degrees, et cetera have no effect.

This is consistent with most other research, such as Miller, Mc Kenna, and Mc Kenna (1998).

I’m not able to access these studies directly, but according to the site of the US Assistant Secretary of Education: The most robust finding in the research literature is the effect of teacher verbal and cognitive ability on student achievement.

Every study that has included a valid measure of teacher verbal or cognitive ability has found that it accounts for more variance in student achievement than any other measured characteristic of teachers (e.g., Greenwald, Hedges, & Lane, 1996; Ferguson & Ladd, 1996; Kain & Singleton, 1996; Ehrenberg & Brewer, 1994).

That is, we’re talking about how much your fourth-grade history teacher affects your performance on a fourth-grade history test.

If teacher effects show up anywhere, this is where it’s going to be.) Just as it’s much easier to say “this is 40% genetic” than to identify particular genes, so it’s much easier to say “this is 10% dependent on school-level factors and 10% based on teacher-level factors” then to identify what those school-level and teacher-level factors are.

And as far as I can tell, they don’t look at socioeconomic status of the school or its neighborhood, which is probably what the white kids are serving as a proxy for.Rank how many percentile points on average a teacher’s students go up or down during the year, and you should be able to identify the best teachers for real this time.Add like fifty layers of incomprehensible statistics and this is the basic idea behind VAM (value-added modeling), the latest Exciting Educational Trend and the lynchpin of President Obama’s educational reforms.In order to say more than this we have to have a more precise way of identifying exactly which teachers are good, which is going to be more complicated. Suppose you want to figure out which teachers in a certain district are the best.You know that the only thing truly important in life is standardized test scores [citation needed], so you calculate the average test score for each teacher’s class, then crown whoever has the highest average as Teacher Of The Year. But you’ll probably just give the award to whoever teaches the gifted class.

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The American Statistical Association summarizes the research as “teachers account for about 1% to 14% of the variability in test scores”, which seems about right.