Queued updating subscribers

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Queued updating subscribers

The next screen asks whether you want to use the local server or a different server as the distributor (see Figure 1).

The wizard will use the default location for database and log files.This feature is worth your attention because using the distribution database for an Oracle publisher wasn’t available in previous versions.After you’ve enabled the publishers, you can set a password for remote publishers (see Figure 6). SQL Server 2005 allows the administrator to enforce password policies and password expiration.The next screen enables servers to use the current distributor when they’re configured as publishers (see Figure 4). First, if you click the ellipsis (...) button next to a publisher, you’ll get a dialog box that allows you to configure the log reader agent’s security credentials as well as the snapshot folder for this publisher, as shown in Figure 5.Second, the Add button allows you to add a SQL Server or Oracle publisher.

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Following a wizard isn’t difficult, but fewer wizard screens certainly make replication setup quicker.