Progress bar not updating

Posted by / 14-Apr-2020 03:38

After i do that it shows the amount/progress it has actually made, but it is't updating in real time. I'm assuming it's just some sort of graphical bug as the game still finishes downloading despite properly showing real time progress (freezing at certain points). Im on a new computer build, running win 7 64 bit Same problem here. Yeah , I have same problem with Heroes of the storm graphically it shows nothning but after a while (mostly 3-5) it show progress , its pretty annyoing is there some hotfix for this or have something bad with my settings?

It start to act this way after the download has been going for a while. Not sure if it is win 7 specific cos I'm running Windows 7 32 bit. Btw I am on win 10 64 bit Its exactly the same for me on Win 10 64 bit.

I have a similar blueprint setup to indicate boost status and that works fine.

From what I can tell it should be working with HP as well, but instead the bar nearly empties only when the current HP is How to make progress bar fill at rate when button pushed and then get percent (UMG HUD) Widget Text isn't updating properly, old artifacts Change the Rendering Order of the HUD using UMG UMG, Making Text Appear After A Delay ?

I wonder what exactly is at fault is a new install, not update, just have to keep pausing and starting the download for latest progress, would be nice to find out when its playable, over half downloaded and still not playable.

I have a simple health bar setup that references a pawn's "cur HP" variable.

Even though its not properly showing the progress, it still seems to be downloading in the background. The progress bar only updates after manually pausing the download or restarting the Blizzard Client...

This hasn't been resolved yet and i'm pulling my hair out for this.. i think i have the same one you did and im in the hair pulling stage.Crash when renaming animations in Persona Net Dormancy not working at all.Currently I am trying to get 1 Progress Bar to update its text and it is not working. can't remove widget from parent after parent's detach/attach operation Camera pawn controller deprececated How to remove a UMG widget?Input and HUD Blueprints not triggering in Default Level when launched from Main Menu level.

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See the following snippet and experiment by commenting out the Refresh. From the toolbox, add a Label, Progress Bar and Button control on the Form. The whole point of my thread is not so much about handling long tasks.