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Instead, focus on the “main” areas of your site by building insanely specific resource pages like “List Building” and “Increase Online Sales.” To learn more about how people make choices, check out the Social Triggers Insider master class I held with Sheena Iyengar, the world’s leading researcher on how people make choices. If you can generate more results or make it more convenient, it doesn’t matter what you charge. And they’ll happily pay because people like to pay for what they get. But when it comes to human beings, we’re not that logical. And when it comes to a dollar, a dollar that’s ours is more valuable than earning a dollar that isn’t ours. People respond better to telling them what they’re missing out on over telling them what benefits they stand to gain… So, not only do you need to tell people what they’ll get when they buy whatever it is you’re selling, you also need to reiterate what they’ll lose out on too… To learn more about how people make decisions, check out the master class I held with Jonah Lehrer, the #1 NYT Best-Selling Author of How We Decide. Action item: Just because losses loom larger than gains, doesn’t mean you should focus on loss. However, you should intersperse both gains AND losses in your sales copy.

They we’re sold this belief through Newton by way of the public school system.

The people you’re talking to, on the other hand, will remain people. And that’s why each of the following 5 psychological master keys are so powerful. Back when I launched Social Triggers in 2011, Social Triggers grew from a brand-new website to one of the top marketing blogs… It’s because Apple is one of the most secretive companies ever. which in turn sparks speculation in the blogosphere… There are currently 74 reviews, and with your help, I think we can get to 100 reviews.

You’d stop reading this article right now and use each of ’em. Because, as time progresses, the tools will always change. Instead of working to please everyone, cater to your evangelists. This, in turn, sent more traffic and readers my way, helping me grow faster than ever before. Because they were trying to solve “the mystery of Social Triggers growth.” As another example, why are there loads of websites dedicated to speculating about Apple products, Apple features, and anything else that’s Apple? and then leave a quick review letting me know what you think about it.

In each little section, there’s thousands of products to choose from. Last week, while giving a presentation to a packed room, I made the snippy remark: “I pin all my hatemail to my wall to remind myself to get more hatemail.” – Click to Tweet Why? and that’s to make your customers absolutely love you. When there are people who love what you do, there will be people that hate what you do, too. I know changing peoples minds is damn near impossible, so instead of wasting time trying to “change” someone, I go after the people who already like me… That way you can get both the master class series AND awesome blog posts.

But they make the decision easy on you by “chunking” them into similar categories. When you’re designing your site, don’t simply share 1 million different categories of what you write about. Now I would love to hear about what you think about the 5 psychological master keys.

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Most people would say gravity because it’s what they were taught in school. The most widely held beliefs, that seem to form an objective reality, are based on nothing more than the agreement of the masses. People agree to a belief when they see that belief as the strongest argument for explaining the experiences of people, places and things.