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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Some have told me they're not into the whole "cop thing"...it has turned out they actually do..... I too, don't want to labelled as a cop who uses his career to get dates, but it has certainly aided me in dating..... I thought the fact that we serve the public and put ouur lives on the line would attract women. I find Marine and Navy dress uniforms especially attractive. I was married to a violent alcoholic Air Force man and did not like how the military swept misbehaviors of enlisted persons under the rug so I have issues with and stay away from military folk.

Police officers who arrive at a situation where NOBODY is in control, must take control of the situation because the police are often the "last resort".These same guys are hot heads, violent, short tempered and have an attitude both in and out of uniform.They are always looking for a fight and these guys threat their wives and kids like sh1t.Although I am not categorizing all police officers; I feel like a good portion of the majority think that they are almost in an elite group because they are police officers.The reality is that most "cops" have a bad rep as cheaters in many women's eyes.

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  1. Maybe they’ll call each other “BFFs” and watch movies or have dinner together, but they do so in a detached way—as though their sexual identity doesn’t matter.