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Pierluigi oliverio dating

I thought that I would take a more in-depth look into the topic by sharing my perspective and providing greater information regarding my allocations.

Each fiscal year, councilmembers are allocated ,000 that can be utilized to provide grants to… When the San Jose Arena first opened in 1993, I remember standing in a long line in order to apply for a job.

It outranked a plan to increase protections for mobile-home park residents and a crackdown on illegal fireworks.

“If I hadn’t done that, it would not have been a priority,” Oliverio said.

I have had the opportunity to see outdoor Shakespeare performances as far away as Ashland, Ore., and as close by as Los Gatos, Santa Cruz and Saratoga. Each time I thought this type of event would be nice…

The city of San Jose should put a hold on hiring firefighters until the firefighter union accepts a lower cost, second-tier pension plan for new employees.

A number of massage parlors in San Jose are a front for prostitution and one councilman is leading the charge to put an end to “happy endings.” “We need to make sure what’s going on is what’s actually advertised, versus something else,” said Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio.

Stampolis, 48, is a member of the Santa Clara Unified school board, and Song, 46, is a long-time member of the Santa Clara County board of education.

In my conversations with commercial developers, business owners, and those that would simply like to see more high-quality jobs, the most common complaint is that San Jose is a difficult city for conducting business. Recently much has been said about the next San Jose mayor becoming an “Education Mayor.” It is easy to make public statements that play upon parents with school-age children during an election year, but the fact remains that the city has absolutely no control over public schools. However, the article did not explain the cost savings we are walking away from by doing this, and thus why I voted no….

Our permit process is cumbersome, approval periods are unnecessarily long, and the amount of risk assumed by developers it too great. A recent discussion within our community has focused on building even more single-family homes in areas that are reserved for jobs or fall outside of the urban service area.

During my tenure as a San Jose councilmember, I have…

For some time now, I have wanted to see Shakespeare performed outdoors in San Jose.

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