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“People have always asked me how I got from the Bronx to Hollywood, so I thought it was time to tell how it all happened.I have had many lives (not in the Shirley Mac Laine sense) and you will hear about them all..don't expect any recipes...

She is also expected to open up about her personal relationships, including her short marriage to Rob Reiner, dating John Belushi and Art Garfunkel, and her friendship with Carrie Fisher.

Over the last two seasons, a number of characters came and went.

Lenny (Michael Mc Kean) disappeared for the last four episodes.

I don't cook.” Her book agent, Dan Strone, the CEO of Trident Media Group, announced the deal Tuesday in Frankfurt in advance of the Frankfurt Book Fair, one of the most important events on the publishing industry calendar.

Amazon Publishing won the rights to the book and will issue both a traditional print and a digital edition.

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For a comedy, the show featured a healthy dose of musical numbers, including countless performances at the Pizza Bowl and that zany Christmas episode at a mental hospital.