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This processional cross is kept at the east end of the chancel, where it rests in brackets at the side of the choir stalls.The cross was given in 1973 by her children Joyce and Raymond.The first is dedicated to the memory of a child – Neil Alfred Taylor, son of Alfred and Mable Taylor of Prescot.Neil Alfred Taylor was born on 30th October and baptised on 6th November 1932.His death was a tragedy for the family because he met with a terrible road accident whilst crossing High Street on his way to Hunt’s Dairy to buy ice cream.

The empty cross favoured by Protestants reminds Christians of the Resurrection while the crucifix, with the body of Jesus on it, is favoured by Catholic and Orthordox churches, and is a reminder of Christ’s Sacrifice for all.

There are many symbolic interpretations and variations of the cross, together with its design and shape, which have accumulated over the centuries.

Generally, the cross is representative of the Christian faith and the love of God for sinful man.

Placed at the top of a long staff, the cross is held high, so that it can be seen clearly as a Christian sign and symbol, as the procession passes by.

Such crosses have a long history, and according to the Venerable Bede, when Saint Augustine of Canterbury and his entourage arrived in England from Rome in 597, sent by Pope Gregory I to bring Christianity to the Anglo Saxons, Augustine carried a crucifix before them “like a standard”.

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A very fitting symbol since our church is dedicated to St Mary-the-Blessed-Virgin.