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When we retrieve that column, the query does not return the updated column values, but other columns are being updated and we are able to see those values. It happens more often than you might think, in real life.) I looked at their trigger and decided immediately that I did not like it.

An update that sets a column value to the value that it originally contained (for example, UPDATE T SET C = C) causes a row trigger to fire, even though the value of the column is the same as it was prior to the triggering event.

Say you have a bit of code or better yet a stored procedure that represents a transaction, and you read it. I get it.” But if you are on a system laden with triggers all over the place, you won’t have gotten it at all—you’ll have gotten it wrong, at best. More than once, I’ve received an e-mail similar to the following (this is a cut-and-paste—I did not make this up): We have a problem when updating a column.

When we update that column (type is varchar2), the update is showing 1,972 rows updated (and we commit after the UPDATE). ” The response back to me was, “Oh, that explains it. We had ‘::= :new.fname oracle trigger where clause updating-39oracle trigger where clause updating-62oracle trigger where clause updating-72

You can create a trigger in any schema where you are the schema owner.

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