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The original interview when he suggested this, again on Today with the hopeless and overpaid Mishal Husain, was the catalyst for the abuse that Boris received as Husain ridiculed him for comparing, or so she suggested, two London boroughs with the situation in NI…except of course he wasn’t comparing the political situation merely using it as an illustration of how the technology can work…as proved by Lars Karlsson…an expert unlike Husain or Sarah Montague…Montague who wanted to know if we …Brexit being so terrible eh?The BBC is blatant and arrogant in its attempts to create the narrative that Brexit can be reversed…a very dangerous idea I’d suggest…along with the one that suggests that if the Irish government doesn’t like the border solution it can mobilise the IRA which can dig up all those weapons it handed over during the ‘peace process’ [never mind the hundreds of bomb threats each year]…lol. Certainly my genuine disinterest contributed to the difficulty.First, I clicked past anyone who listed a religion; that eliminated well more than half.Certainly you could come up with something better than that.Oh, and almost all profiles I read of men in my age range assured me they are “young at heart” or “look younger than their years.” One even specified that he looks six years younger than his age.Anna Foster on 5Live admitted the truth about the ‘crisis’ concerning the Northern Ireland border…it’s all political…it is perfectly possible to have a ‘frictionless’, ‘invisible’ border…the only thing stopping it is the EU’s land grab, it’s attempt to annex Northern Ireland interfering with British internal politics.Her guest was Lars Karlsson [a former director of the inter-governmental World Customs Organisation] who has just done a report for the EU stating as much…and yet you wouldn’t know from the rest of the BBC’s reporting…flagship Today show telling us that Boris Johnson because he proposed using electronic systems to monitor the border…as done in many countries….including our own already.

But those things are wrong with the other, paid service too. The experience on these sites is embarrassingly bad, the websites are unattractive, unwieldy and unprofessional, and I wonder if that is reflected in the quality of users they get – the ones I saw were far from interesting, let alone impressive enough to bother with.

Bunches of commenters on Part 1 of this series said they met their spouses on such internet dating sites so I suppose I am the outlier. Most said you've been married now for many years so perhaps the websites were better then. Or maybe, as I've heard from single women of all ages all my life, it's just that the good ones are taken.

Overall, I'm glad I'm not looking for a mate or even a date.

A third said he was was 49 in Indiana and the fourth was in his late 60s, lived in Oregon but in a town that is 150 miles away.

At this point I didn't know if these men were idiots or if the services were broken. Every day each of the services sent messages, the most frequent being: “We have 12 (or however many) matches for you.” Nowhere in those emails or on the websites could I find an explanation of what a “match” is – a fairly important question since the majority of the matches from one service lived in other states and covered a 40-year age spectrum. In the 10 days I could tolerate this experiment, among the 70 or 80 messages and “matches,” there were two men near my age who lived in my vicinity and responded with what seemed to be real messages. “Let's meet for coffee in (name of nearby town)” wrote one for three or four days in succession even though I had clicked the “no thank you” button.

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I also ditched the ones who hadn't bothered to comb their hair or trim a beard for the photo; you'd be surprised how many unkempt old men there are on these websites.