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Of the eight ad agency employees Digiday spoke with, six employees had to check with their HR director to find out whether or not their agency had a dating policy.

One account manager at a well-known agency said imposing dating policies can be difficult to do at agencies.

Wadella said she asked her boss to step in and mentor her new coworker so she could take a step back from the relationship. She had to spend energy making sure she wasn't "magically leading someone on by just being a good person and being nice to people." Her experience might have been prevented at another company, like Facebook, where employees are not allowed to ask a coworker for a date more than once.

“We train that if you ask a coworker on a date and they say no, you don’t get to ask again — and beyond that we make it clear that an 'I’m busy' or 'I can’t that night' is a 'no,'" Facebook's global head of employment law, Heidi Swartz, said in a statement.

The most common cause for concern is with manager-subordinate relationships, which is why at Omnicom agencies such as BBDO, DDB and TBWA, office dating is permitted as long as neither person has authority over the other.“Holding companies drag out those corporate policies the moment the media gets hold of the fact that someone is suing them,” said Cindy Gallop, previous chairman of BBH, founder of Make Love Not Porn and an advocate of gender equality.“They are used purely as protection.” Employees might not even be aware if dating policies exist at all.Barbarian agency not only has a dating policy everyone signs and reads, but it also has a lawyer come in every six months to speak to the agency about sexual harassment in the workplace and how supervisors should not date subordinates. This past Monday, RPA held a training around sexual harassment for all its officers that went over best practices for dating in the office.

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“Not that we have a large issue with dating, but we want to do everything we can to make sure we are protecting ourselves when it comes to situations that could open ourselves up to sexual harassment issues.” Other independent agencies that have dating policies are looking into aligning them with their sexual harassment policies.

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