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"This way, I could get people to come here and enjoy everything about the karma of this house and property that I just find amazing." Cober is the owner and operator of Log Cabin Heaven, a country spa resort and bed and breakfast, on Middlebrook Road. "We do overnight packages for either one or two adults that include gourmet dinners and spa services.For daytime packages we can do up to 10 people in a private group for either spa packages or cooking classes." The retreat operates year round and attracts visitors from near and far.But in reality, I'm the type that accepts women when they approach me." Noh Min Woo is soo handosme.But please please please give him back his "Gumiho" hair. ; He's not gay, I confirm but his style and hair style for new drama "The frist date". I'm ever met him really him at MJ Dreamsys Company Office, May 2013, He's so nice, so cool, so cute, so handsome and very sweetttttttttttttttt not gay I confirm, I think he love women very much!!"We met on the Internet 20 years ago when it was actually first available," she said. "Daryl and I had a very strong connection and we conversed via the chat room for about six months then we started calling each other," Cober said."We were each spending about a thousand dollars a month on phone bills." She decided it was time to connect in person.

"I think that when you have something good, it is best when it is shared instead of just keeping it all to yourself," Cober said."After we got married I still had to go back to California and we did that for a second year simply because I had to go through the landed immigrant process," she said. I originally moved to New Hamburg where he was living at the time.Then, around 14 years ago, we moved to Elora." Log Cabin Heaven is decorated throughout with stained glass mosaics, lamps, panels and other items created by Cober in her studio behind the main house. It's beautiful, tranquil and peaceful here but there were no people.The onsite menagerie extends beyond the wildlife to the Cobers' two dogs Harley and Ozzy and two parrots Dorito and Ru. I raised her from an egg as well." Ru and Dorito have been fixtures at the resort since its inception and often join Cober as she welcomes visitors."Ru is a 22-year-old, green winged Macaw," Cober said. She said it is the character, privacy and customized service they provide that draws people to the retreat. "People really like the spa services and having access to the indoor heated pool, waterfall and cedar sauna.

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