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Either way, your next phone bill will include full long distance charges for your call to Utah.Any company unethical enough to pull this stunt is more than likely routinely doing other unethical things as well.#3 This is off topic, but still the perfect place to include it. Here's how to tell: - They will be wearing an identification badge.From [Quote] Census Bureau - April 5, 2018 #Census Bureau Someone is at your door and claiming to be from the census bureau. - They will be able to provide you a verification phone number.If they are actually stupid enough to call the number without checking first; with any luck, the caller's phone number and physical location will automatically be trapped.

Telephone solicitor activity actually seems to be on the decline.The apparent intent being to deceive people into thinking the 801 phone number is a derivation of the 800 phone number and would therefor also be a toll free call. The 801 number is the area code for a part of Utah.Don't know if the companies are actually putting call centers there or just having the number forward to where the company's call center really is.It then duly reports that information to the telephone solicitor boiler room. Also, I highly doubt such a call that was legitimate would be a robocall. #2 Got the well-know, phony IRS robocall claiming to be from IRS collections or whatever.The telephone solicitors then know on what days and times to call. It would be a human who would first identify themselves and ISP and would then ask for me by name. Instead of hanging up, I set the phone down so as to tie up their line as long as possible.

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Going forward, I will regularly check the unmoderated comments section whether notified or not. The search engines eventually index those numbers and will continue to point future potential victims here to be warned. Never call back an unknown number out of curiosity that called you and then hung up. Turns out that the 900 number isn't the only premium code number where you are billed major fees for calling.