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However, one day, a being known as Antime removes all anime from the face of the Earth, and Captain Falcon was unite his circlejerk to fight them.Will Falcon, Pikachu, Shulk, Rob, Rosalina, and Ganondorf save anime, or will they die trying?The liberal version of Princess America's masterpiece no one asked for The fourth Smash Bros.tournament is about to begin, and Ike's back for more action... But the whole mansion will soon find out that Ike's new buffness is more than anyone bargained for.Okay I actually decided to be nice and change this thing up because why the hell not. Not going to give you my real age either sorry)I also happen to enjoy writing when drunk, crafting magical stories, playing MMOs (Final Fantasy XIV anyone), hanging out with my friends, reading and shitty EDM though I do listen to every genre of music.I dig video games, the circle of life, anime and I not only embrace but also endorse the meme life as well. The other tidbits about me which mention my "age" and such were done as a joke.- Non-black person of color- Depressed as fuck- I have bad taste in everything- My sense of humor is very odd- I'm not really kinky at all- I ship myself with torches and pitchforks- a feminist and human rights activist- Loves parodies Said joke starts here Anyways, sup? I am also a feminist (not third/forth-wave or a disgusting terf mind you), human rights activist, and a firm believer of respecting people's identity choices and sexuality.Comic Rocket is a growing index of 37,486 online comics.We link to creators' sites exactly as they're meant to be shown.

rather than the standard parody which emphasize on television and other forms of existing media.

As more murders take place at his high school, Link follows in his father's footsteps and decides to investigate the murders with the help of Silas Kallis, the supposed lone wolf of the campus.

Smash City, a place filled with crime and in need of justice.

I don't however, condemn this being forced upon other people as I believe doing stuff like this should also be optional.

It does sound like what edgy people dub as sounding "tumblr" however I am a realist when it comes to these things (more so for AU than anything else), even if it is fantasy themed because to be quite honest, most characters are designed to cater and represent the majority anyways.

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Follow Ike as he unintentionally causes massive property damage and bodily harm to everyone in his path!