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As part of the launch of the new site, a large portion of the normally subscription-based archives are being opened for several months. On a desktop, on a tablet, on a phone, the site has become, we believe, much easier to navigate and read, much richer in its offerings, and a great deal more attractive," the magazine's editors said.

"For months, our editorial and tech teams have been sardined into a boiler room, subsisting only on stale cheese sandwiches and a rationed supply of tap water, working without complaint on intricate questions of design, functionality, access, and what is so clinically called 'the user experience.'" The site will have more daily content on top of the 15 original stories publishes per day, the editors said.

The weekly magazine is famous for publishing new fiction and essays, often ground-breaking investigative journalism, and of course, the cartoons.

Founded in 1925, The New Yorker still highlights social life in the city of its origin but has had a national scope for decades, with its list of contributors over the years rivaling that of any publication.

Camila Osorio writes on the book “There Are No Dead Here: A Story of Murder and Denial in Colombia,” by Maria Mc Farland Sánchez-Moreno, which explores corruption and collusion in the Colombian government.

It's a learning process, and The New Yorker has been a very good institution of the sort needed.

They have a captive audience, and they come out every week, and people finally catch on to Barthelme, for instance, and are able to perform that sort of thing in their heads and enjoy it.

Richard Brody reviews the documentary “Ouvrir la Voix,” by Amandine Gay, which addresses France’s struggle toward acknowledging its multiculturalism through closeup interviews with twenty-four black French women.

Adam Gopnik writes about the World Cup win by the multiple, polyglot French team, Les Bleus, and the glories of the immigration patterns that facilitated their roster. government officials, including a national-security adviser and four U. Ambassadors to Russia, on the prospects of Donald Trump’s Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin.

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"Then, in the fall, we move to a second phase, implementing an easier-to-use, logical, metered paywall.