Netflix instant queue not updating

Posted by / 07-Mar-2020 03:38

Netflix instant queue not updating

to its streaming customers on Wednesday, giving international users a way to save titles for the first time.US customers who'd been using the old Instant Queue were also migrated over to My List.Anyone else experiencing this and/or know what voodoo is required to fix it?

[/quote] Try doing an app store update to get the new netflix plugin from last night. So if you add something, go to your queue and don't see it, then exit your queue... But if you sit in your queue, it should update (theoretically).It seems like the only way that I can update my Net Flix queue in Roku is to reboot the device. It seems like there should be a menu option to do this.Steps I've taken in troubleshooting: * reinstall plugin * remove user data and reinstall plugin * uninstall plex app, remove everything in application support, and reinstall plex * reset safari cache/cookies, just in case(?) I've got the latest Silverlight installed, and I can play Netflix movies from my instant watch queue in Plex... I called Netflix and they were less than helpful and suggested (haha) that I call Apple since I was trying to run Netflix on a Mac and had problems.

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Method 1: If you used to have an Instant Queue and want to go back to using it, go to My List from the Netflix Web site or go directly to List.