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Ms access screen updating off

To run the Echo action in a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) module, use the Echo method of the Do Cmd object.The following macro opens the Add Products form from a button on the Suppliers form. You can also optionally pass the method a second parameter? By passing this method a True or a False value, you can indicate whether you want to display updating within the main Access window.

Try it both ways; you should see a clear difference between the two ways of running the test.The following macro opens the Product List form in the lower-right corner of the Suppliers form, displaying the current supplier's products.It shows the use of the Echo, Msg Box, Go To Control, Stop Macro, Open Form, and Move Size actions.Screen Updating = False 'swap between sheets 1/2 (need both sheets or this will crash) For i = 1 To numb Switches Sheets(1 (i Mod 2)). Screen Updating = True 'get results for part two results = results & vb Cr Lf & "Screen Updating IS disabled: " & Format(Time - start Time, "hh:mm:ss") & " seconds" 'show results Msg Box results End Sub Firstly I've been using the script written by Richie (UK) Post #7 Here It simply iterates through a loop changing the value of i in one cell.I have changed it slightly so it loops 10,000 times and I execute it 10 times for sample size.

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It also shows the use of a conditional expression with the Msg Box, Go To Control, and Stop Macro actions.