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For dating to begin, both individuals must share some feelings towards to each other and a desire to get to know the other person more for romantic purposes.When two people are involved in the activity of dating, there is no level of commitment shared between the two individuals.

Just knowing and accepting that there is societal pressure on men and women to behave in different ways can help people – single ones and couples – to be mindful of their actions.

The internet is glutted with memes, jokes and ‘GIF’ images about the differences between men and women.

Did you know this form of humor is but a subtle manifestation of gender stereotypes?

As the word ‘role’ explains, these norms dictate how an individual should think, behave and function, based on their gender.

Gender stereotypes, on the other hand are inferences about men and women, that each sex is distinct from the other in a way that almost pits one against the other.

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Simply acknowledging that gender roles aren’t necessarily healthy can go a long way in bringing two people closer together as a couple.