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Moddating search

By creating an alias field named ALLDATES and associating it with all various date fields from a concatenated database set, users can search all date fields without having to modify date field names in each database.

You can also create a field group for data fields in a non-concatenated database.

The only new method added to the reader is get Outlines, which retrieves the document outline, if it exists.

In the writer, there is support for adding bookmarks and named destinations. I think the part I’m most excited about is the new Pdf File Merger class, which reminds me a bit of the dead Stapler project.

Today I learned that the py PDF project is NOT dead, as I had originally thought.

In fact, it’s been forked into Py PDF2 (note the slightly different spelling).

I’m certainly not the author of that document and I don’t know why it thinks I am. I also noticed that there’s an entirely new module called which contains the class: Pdf File Merger.

Let’s take a look under the covers since there is no real documentation at the time of this writing.

The merge command has the following signature and docstring, which sums it up pretty well: 's bookmarks from being imported by specifying "import_bookmarks" as False.

These codes are listed in the file max-fileformats.txt, which is located at /Library/Application Support/Cycling ’74 on Macintosh and C:\Program Files\Common Files\Cycling ’74 on Windows.

If there is no mapping for the file's extension, a nil value is returned.

To use a field group for concatenated databases, add the same field group to the other databases in the concatenated database set.

When you search the concatenated database set, Concordance searches the all the fields in the field group in each of the databases in the concatenated set.

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