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Specially designed to be positioned as a sofa or bed. In other w ords, if there w as ever a police miscon¬ duct case that cried out for a dean, open, by-the- book process and a full, fair hearing, it was the Smoot case. F OR STARTERS, the commission had no business dismissing the charges in an illegal closed meeting without ever hearing first¬ hand the testimony of the four police officers charged with mishandling the case. What a space saver - comes in clear or black lacquer hardwood. *279 HARDWOOD TABLES 40” Round w/2 Chairs 5 169 Square w/4 Chairs * 199 Rectangiar w/4 Chairs s 249 Trestle w/4 Chairs *249 Butterfly Leaf w/6 Chairs COMFORTERS FUTONS Queen *299 Beautiful finished hardwood frame. Cku JJI, M flx J A.i ML'Frfi cfll&ri XW ALUMA5EAL T2ot p20? The fact that Paul died before the case reached the Police Commission made it that much harder and the fact that the lawyers for the four cops did every¬ thing possible to delay and obstruct the procedures made the case that much more controversial. Like so much religio-mystical poetry, they are based on cultural literary prototypes. 15 i Monday B Claudia Gomez Quartet 9 pm, Bahia Tropical, 1600 Market, SF. The charged stylized meanings of “wine, ” “tavern” and “wench” refer to God's “intoxication,” which of course Is just the opposite of Islamic taboo and the image of the mullah that Khomeini was. Robertas pro¬ posal needs strong support, especially the provi¬ sion to close the notorious legislative loophole. 4334000; also Tees, at S pm, L‘Entrecote de Paris, 2032 Union, SF. But advocates of political reform should press for a stronger package, too, A truly effective bill would forbid legislators w ho are also lawyers from representing private clients who do any business before any state or local agencies — and would mandate that all elected officials with private clients of any son make public each year a full, detailed list of those clients, their precise fees and the nature of the work the legislator is doing on their behalf. It was grossly misleading and, quite frankly, cultural¬ ly insensitive. ■ Dixieland Jazz Session 4 pm, Pier 23 Cafe, The Embarcadero, SF. Rusty Scupper, Jack London Square, 15 Embarcadero, Oak L 465-0150. (Also Wed/17-Thurs/18.) ■ Fredric Zimmerman & Chris Amberger 6 pm.

Langer is distressingly complacent about the agency’s problems, and seems willing to accept the limitations that make it impossible for his staff to do its job. Tavern wench mere sensationalism I find it particularly difficult to write this letter of defense for the late Imam of Qom because just ten months ago I was serving picket duty with the Na¬ tional Writers Union over Salman Rushdie's last novel, but I found your front page headline about the Ayatollah’s poem to be right out of the Na¬ tional Enquirer (see Bay Guardian, 12/27/89). ■ Jackie Ivory Quartet See Fri/ 12 , ■ Jazz Jam With Herb Gibson and Bishop Norman Williams. 769-0198- ■ Lisa Torres Quartet With Eddie Duran, 4-8 pm.

THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN [ JANUARY 10, 1990 5 EDITORIALS Ethics package only a start Home N£w-v£ars fesoiur/OAis for a dew Decade • LETTERS W HEN CALIFORNIA legislators returned to Sacramento after a holiday recess last Wednesday, they were greeted by some sobering news.

(D-Los Angeles), focuses on the standard practices that everyone agrees are problems and nobody seems all that upset about ending, like unlimited speaking fees or “honoraria” and outside income from lobbyists and lobbying firms.

From this short segment, I find the Ayatollah to be a tradition-ridden, cliche-burdened poet with little imagination that is fresh or penetrating. (Also Sun/14 Mon/15.) ■ Bobby Norris & Larry Dunlap 9 pm, Pearl s, 256 Columbus, SF. ■ Ohnedaruth 8 pm, 509 Cultural Center, 509 Fills, SF, 346-1308. ■ Richardo Scales Ensemble See Fri/12- ■ Dred Scott Trio S pm, New Delhi Restaurant, 150 Ellis, SF, 397-6470.

What does interest me in this short text is that Khomeini is feigning the voice of the Sufi, This poem shows Khomeini to have been either a hypocrite or a much more complex person than the Western media has credited him to be.

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