Mike james dating single reno

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Mike james dating single reno

He also made large strides in his professional life, becoming the owner of his own renovation company.

It was during this time early on in Mike's career that he started to realize he had not only followed in his father’s footsteps, but had surpassed him in his skill and knowledge of the trades.

Mike's Parents Learning the skilled trades from his father was one of the greatest influencing factors in Mike’s life.

To this day, he frequently credits his dad with instilling in him a love of craftsmanship and his “make it right” ethic. “I talk about my dad all the time…sometimes I get the feeling I talk about him too much, but he is the inspiration behind what I do, for sure.” Mike’s dad not only passed down his knowledge of the trades, but a heart for people as well.

Mike's father allowed him to keep the makeshift room for about a year before making him restore the closet back to its previous state.

As he grew older, however, Mike's potential as a master craftsman became evident to all around him.“Make It Right” a remnant of his previous tattoo added in 2006 is highlighted in a banner, above a hammer and saw, crisscrossed “skull and crossbones” style just above his elbow.On his left arm, Mike sports a half sleeve black and grey Viking on bended knee, which is a tribute to his Nordic heritage. we date back to the Vikings,” he explained in a recent episode of his show.Mike recalled the time he brought his father onto one of his jobsites to show him a ,00 bathroom he had just completed. “I’m walking around and he goes, ‘This is beautiful.’ I said, ‘Dad, you could do this in your sleep,’ and he goes, ‘actually, no I can’t Mike…You talk things I don’t even understand.You’re talking codes that I don’t even know exist.’” Mike reluctantly admitted to becoming teary-eyed at his father’s remarks because it was at this point that he knew his father was truly proud of him and all that he had accomplished.

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Michael James Holmes was born in Canada on August 3, 1963.

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