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Michelle dating tips gta iv

**NB - One trophy that you would do well to try for during this step would be "One Man Army", see that trophy description for more details** Step 2 - Key To The City This entails obtaining 100% game completion of the single player mode.

To see what particular side missions and other activities contribute towards 100% completion, see the "Key To The City" Trophy Description.

See the Trophy Description for useful information on how to maximise your chances of doing this, yet it is actually quite a lenient time scale so wont require too much obsessive restarting.

There are 88 Story missions in total, that's just a fraction over 20 minutes per mission including the time it takes you to get from one to the next.

Offline trophies are varied enough to stop the game from becoming repetitive, yet still asks for some serious dedication to achieving 100% completion of single player mode to unlock "Key To The City".

The Multiplayer trophies, if done legitimately, will truly be a remarkable feat but for reasons I will outline in the multiplayer section of this guide, you are strongly recommended to boost "Wanted" and certainly "AWP" Road Map Step 1 - Story Mode / Liberty City Minute.

After that position yourself near the window and kill the next one.

Prepare your weapon and kill the guy who's standing close to stairs.

The requirement for this trophy is to effectively finish the story mode in under 30 hours.

Their initial will show up as a marker on your map.

However, if you call them straight back and cancel the proposed activity, your friend will accept your apologies and your activity will be called off whilst your friends likeness progression will suffer no repercussions.

This would detract you from your goal, yet if you refuse, their 'like' percentage for you will fall, causing them to begin ignoring you when you need them for Step 2.

To combat this, accept any invite that comes your way.

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Go to the R on the map and enter the basketball field. Move close to him and take his knife (dodge and punch). Take the Roman's cab and go pick up Jermaine at Rotterdan Hill.

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