Marriage and dating in thailand

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Remember sex before marriage is normally unacceptable in a respectable society.

Even if she has been married before the same rule may apply.

We can help with eating out, tours, places of interest and of course shopping for those bargains only Thailand can give.

Your both probably going to be nervous, relax we will take care of that too.

We will do all we can to make you both feel comfortable in pleasant surroundings.

It may be good for her to learn it later but don't let her think it is an issue now. Yes you have to try to understand Thai culture which will have its differences to your country but just because its Thailand you do not have to do anything different or quicker than you would back home, we can always give advice and information along the way but you make the decisions and we support and respect how and what you want to do A Guide to A Few Don’ts We would like to credit much of the above to the writer Stephen Clearly who lives and works in Thailand.

He does have a website, well worth a visit where you will find many facts about Thailand and some wonderful honest reading.

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That can be harsh, swift and even cruel by western standards so please try to understand her culture and morals and you will be rewarded with a Thai wife of your dreams.

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