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Linux driver sr needs updating

This includes system firmware, all adapter and hard-drive firmware, and the corresponding device drivers in the operating system.Tip: Install all the hardware components (modules, adapters, and drives) and power on the system at least once before updating the entire system, so that everything will be activated, detected, and updated together.Updating the firmware and drivers on a regular schedule is the recommended best practice for several reasons: Lenovo has the richest portfolio of firmware and drivers update tools in the industry.These tools provide easy-to-use graphical utilities to perform updates interactively.

Therefore, the drivers need to be refreshed at the same time as the firmware.The advanced guide will describe how to update firmware in a distributed environment while minimizing downtime to your workload.Lenovo recommends that you update the entire system to the latest Update Xpress System Pack (UXSP) level before you deploy the server into a production environment.The updated firmware and drivers are available on the Lenovo Support web site.While it is safe to receive a new server, install a certified operating system, and put the server into production, Lenovo recommends that you update the server to the latest firmware and driver pack before putting the server into production.

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Update Xpress System Pack (UXSP) is a bundle of firmware and device drivers that are validated together as a whole for compatibility and stability across all of the supported system models, and that are released on a predefined schedule (typically, 3 times a year).

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