Leo dating a cancer totally uk dating agencies

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Born on the Cancer-Leo cusp, you have the potential to be a well-rounded, dynamic person.You are influenced by two drastically different signs, and it will take effort on your part to make these energies work together instead of against each other.You are also ruled by two very contrasting elements.

It's your moral responsibility to recognize when you're playing puppet master for your own desires and needs, especially if it stems from a selfish or negative place.Your natural empathy and genuine interest for others allows you to connect with people easily.Once you've earned their trust, you can proceed to lead!You may shift from shy and sensitive to a theatrical drama queen in two seconds flat.The Water element emphasizes your emotions, but the Fire in you can bring these out in a volatile way instead of a constructive way.

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You have a lot of love to offer and it's important that you pick the right person to avoid bringing out your extra emotional or flaring dramatic sides.

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