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Ldeo cosmogenic dating group

Furthermore, everyone knows quite a lot about the research of their colleagues, so it is easy for visiting scientist to create new contacts.Although the first person that you talk to might not know the answer to some upcoming question, he or she almost certainly knows someone who does.So people, listen to your colleagues and tell them what you are doing!Be open about new people and you might end up starting something new with someone you never thought you could be working with.We would like to describe some of the possibilities LDEO offer young scientists and the aspects of its research culture which could be useful to all research institutes (or life in general).One of the things, which we noticed immediately, is the well-known (American) openness of people, their commitment to their work, and in particular also their interest in other peoples work.(Hella) My experiences from working with the cosmo group of the LDEO has indeed been very good until now!I met so many open-minded, welcoming and interesting people that are eager to share their knowledge with me, that I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with them during my Ph D.

This is especially true for us scientists, who depend on extensive communication and intensive discussion in our slightly megalomaniac ambition to explain the whole world on a few pages of paper.

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The cosmogenic-nuclide exposure dating laboratory at LDEO is considered the world’s leading facility for exposure dating of rock surfaces.

If you want to know more, check out there is also a really cool video (originally shown in the American Museum of Natural history! Joerg Schaefer, explains awesomely how we can use cosmo dating for glacier and climate reconstructions.

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Living abroad from our home University for a while, we’d like to give you a little insight into the scientific world here in New York.