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I figured that since she was in charge so often, she liked the idea of being submissive every now and then. And you command me to do things, and in the end I have my tongue buried in your cunt and the President himself walks in as you're brought to orgasm and he doesn't even realize it." I continued.

Although she did have fun being the dominant one...

I went to speak when I noticed she was unbuttoning her blouse. "This is so fucking sexy." Josh said from the closet.

I froze, eyes widening at the sight of her black lace bra popping out of her shirt. It was his biggest fantasy to spy on two females as they pleased each other. Talk to me." "God yes, talk dirty to her." Toby begged silently. If there's one thing I learned about her, it's that her legs buck when she's close.

My nipples were hardening through my shirt, showing just how aroused I was.

She caressed my side, tracing the line of my spine.

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Author's note: This is 100% fiction My name is Allison, and Im 19. We need this by Thursday, no later..." I heard her say. "Oh, right." she rose to meet me and smiled, sticking out her hand. For a brief moment I found myself fantasizing about throwing her across her desk and spanking her... (looks like these next couple of months are going to be long ones..) There was no denying it; I wanted CJ Cregg. Over the next few days, I changed my appearance; wearing a shirt that was cut just low enough, or a skirt that gave a good view of my legs. I attached the to my clip board and made my way to CJ's office. I laid back completely as her tongue went deeper inside of me. "Ohh CJ..." She sucked up my clit, flicking it furiously with her tongue. She moaned with me as my pussy contracted and I came hard. People were often intimidated by her height, but she was none-the-less astonishing. "And now you're almost intoxicated by that unbelievably delicious feeling that's been building up in the pit of your stomach. The guys sat, mystified until Toby broke their silence.

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