Kynt and vyxsin dating easy dating games

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Kynt and vyxsin dating

TK and Rachel were next in line at the Air France counter, and were bummed to learn that the flight was full.Kynt and Vyxsin continued to scramble for the best flight since they had to consider their Speed Bump penalty, and eventually were able to book tickets for a flight that would connect through Amsterdam and touch down in Mumbai at PM.Nathan and Jen bickered as they searched for the ad, constantly moving around and never really getting settled and giving the paper a thorough search.Nick and Don were the first to reach the tailor shop and -- after briefly noticing Kynt and Vyxsin's Speed Bump clue -- they opened their next clue and were met by a Detour, in which they had to choose between "Paste 'Em" or "Thread 'Em." In "Paste 'Em," teams would have to make their way to a marked underpass and use the provided supplies to properly paste a Bollywood movie poster consisting of six panels onto the wall.Kynt and Vyxsin were the last team to reach the seventh leg's Pit Stop, which was the course's first of two non-elimination legs.Instead of going home or being "marked for elimination" -- a non-elimination leg penalty used during the show's last two seasons -- Kynt and Vyxsin faced a Speed Bump, a task they would face during the upcoming leg that only they would have to complete.When they completed it they could continue on the race in hopes of making up the lost time, which shouldn't have been too difficult considering Nathan and Jen had just finally found the ad in the newspaper.

The ad instructed them to travel to a local tailor.

Despite countless claims he's been trying to change, Ron immediately began to criticize his daughter during the challenge. As he stretched to reach the top, the crate collapsed under his weight and he accused Christina of giving him a headache. Likewise, TK and Rachel also seemed to use a mellow approach to stringing the flowers together and were moving quickly.

Nick and Don were the first to finish the Detour and opened their next clue, which instructed them to travel to a traffic island known as Kabutar Khana where the course's second U-turn also awaited, which required the targeted team to backtrack and complete the other Detour task that they did not previously complete.

In "Thread 'Em," teams had to make their way to Dardar Flower Market and find a marked flower stall where they had to create a traditional wedding garland by threading 108 flowers in an alternating pattern.

Once the judge decreed that the garland had been properly made, the garland needed to be delivered to a nearby bridegroom in exchange for their next clue.

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Nick and Don immediately stopped at a local hotel and used the Internet to secure tickets for an Air France flight leaving Florence at AM, connecting through Paris and touching down in Mumbai at PM the next night.